Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photo Quote of the Week

"PHOTOSHOP" - Everybody

Ok so it's not really a quote but I was working on some photographs from a photo shoot I assisted in over the weekend and I thought "This is my least favorite thing about photography!"

When I first started it was very much exciting to me. The things I learned to do and how I was able to sometimes transform my images, I was amazed. 

So I obviously didn't mind spending hours editing. 

These days, I despise editing. 

I have so may things going on that it just feels like a chore.

How does this relate to the "quote" of the week, you ask?


Editing means photoshop.
(or Lightroom for some of you, but i'm ignoring you for today's purposes)

Photoshop means many, many connotations.

Mostly bad.

Most people think botched artwork when they hear photoshop.

Something poorly done and even ghetto.

Yeah, that really makes me want to take my time editing.

And for a select few it means positives things which I am choosing not to dwell on today since I am only interested in the negative.

Yes, that's me, the optimist.
(actually i normally am, but today i choose not to be)

So back to editing.

It sucks.

I'm sure I'll think otherwise when all my work has been completed and I am once again filled with




in the work I have done.

Until then, I shall be an unhappy camper.

Er, photographer.


When I am back to my optimistic self and find myself with some free time, I shall fill you in on my recent absence and share my experience about the photo shoot I assisted in with some sneak peaks.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photo Quote of the Week - Among other Thoughts

You can't photograph your thoughts.
- Stephen Johnson

I say nay to Stephen Johnson. 

You CAN photograph your thoughts. 

Photography is all about photographing your thoughts!

It's the visual expression, 

the physical embodiment, 


You photograph what you see.
You photograph what you hear.
You photograph what you smell.
You photograph what you taste.
You photograph what you feel.


But you all know that.

Isn't it one of the reasons you enjoy photography so much?

I know it's one of my reasons.

Anyway, speaking of thoughts, here are some more of mine. 


I have been MIA yet again. 

Life has been quite the busy bee for me these last few weeks. 

But i start school on monday.
(nay, bring on the summer once more i say)

So I hope to get back into a working routine. 

You know, for someone who was never a fan of the day to day routines,

I sure have grown to love 'em.

See you on the other side of the lens!