Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh No! Cramming!

So I have this very open ended photo shoot this saturday for class.

Me no likey.

It is supposed to be a fine art photo shoot, loose on the fine art definition.

I am having a really hard time with this.

All our shoots until now have been very, well not open ended.
(i know it makes perfect sense)

One of the styles or categories she reviewed with us as possibilities was one of improbable realities.

Basically all images are photo shopped together to make one seamless photo of something that is highly unlikely to be true.

I am working on developing something along those lines.

I picture somewhat of a snow queen in pale silvery, white makeup with a flow-ey dress or a puffy eskimo type jacket.

But I have had such little time to really think about it and develop it.

Worse, I don't have confirmed models or make up artists.

I'm dying.

I certainly don't appreciate we only had one week to put it together since we weren't even told what the assignment was until this past saturday.

Cruel, in my opinion.

Had it need not involve people, it would not have been cruel.

But it involves people, and people are difficult to contact, confirm, and book.

So all I have to say is

OH NO's!!!


I really don't like to cram.

I'm off, to bite my nails off as my deadline bolts towards me at an uncomforting rate.


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