Saturday, June 26, 2010

Babies are not decorations.

A few weeks back, I had mentioned that I would be doing my very first maternity photo shoot.

I have been trying to prepare for it by doing some research on the subject. 

Among all the useful information I have come across, I have also realized something.


I just don't understand the concept of photographing a baby in a bowl.

or nekked on a rug.

or hanging from a silk hammock.

I wont lie.

It frustrates me.

But I guess it's because I find a connection to more real photographs.

By that I simply mean photographs of real everyday moments, not studio.

I would much rather see pictures of babies in their cradles.

or their parents bed.

or their baby blanket.

or their parents arms.

So while I may highly dislike this area of baby portraits

I still want to understand. 

Why do parents like those photographs so much?


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