Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo Quote of the Week

The 'machine-gun' approach to photography - by which many [photographs] are made with the hope that one will be good - is fatal to serious results. - Ansel Adams


So this week I did not forget to provide you guys with another photography related quote.
aren't you proud of me, you know you are.

And again when I read this quote I felt compelled to share some thoughts. 
mostly stemming from my personal experience with this concept. 

Before I had taken any photographic instruction, I admit I used this 'machine-gun' approach. 

I took many, many photographs of my subject with such rapid continuity that I was basically just hoping I got at least 

Highly ineffective. 

While it is not a negative thing at all to take many photographs of the same subject, each 'repetitive' photograph should have a purpose.

Without it, you're just a sniper sitting in a tree with no scope and no visible target.

Each repetition should be serving some purpose.

Whether it's a change in angle.

in focus.


depth of field.


but your repetition should have thought.


like that sniper I mentioned earlier.

Otherwise, you're not doing yourself or your talents much good.


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