Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photo Quote of the Week

"I am not interested in shooting new things, I am interested to see things new." - Ernst Haas

I love this.

Mainly because it is the challenge I set for myself as an artistic photographer.

I challenge myself not necessarily to shoot new things, 

but to see things in a new light. 

I feel like I broken record with this subject but I guess it's just because it's a topic that's personal to me.

There are so many things around us to see.

And most of the time, we don't really see them.

Like the things we take for granted.

But when I challenge myself to these these things new, 

I feel I gain a greater appreciation, 

not only for the world around me, 

but for the art of photography, 

and the understanding of them both as well. . . 

Hoping my pondering leads to some pondering of your own, 

Have a great week!!


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