Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What not to do

When you are doing a photo shoot of four models and there will be no other photographer but you. . .

Make sure you 

a) have more than one memory card

b) if you're going to use only one, make sure it's ridiculously large 
(like 16G or more! actually i don't even know if they make them that big, hmmm. . .)

or c) if you only have one, take your computer to transfer files after each model.


Yes, my friends, I did not do any of the above.

As a result, during the fitness shoot, I had to shoot in jpeg and I had to review photos after each model 

to delete obvious discard shots
(such as the occasional overexposure and such)

as well as delete others which did not seem like great shots.

That was heartbreaking to me.

I hate deleting pictures in camera because you can't really experience the picture and know what's going on, on such a tiny screen!

Actually I kinda hate deleting pictures ever.
(and I know hate is a strong word, but I just really don't like that delete button at all)

But at least now I probably won't ever do that again.
(knowing me though, it probably will happen but at least not in the near future)

I do have teaser photos for you but I probably won't be able to load them until this weekend.

Sorry about that but school is getting pretty busy between this week and next.

Thank you for stopping by!!! Feel free to leave any thoughts.

Have a great one!


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