Monday, May 17, 2010


Ok so I checked my posts and realized I did not tell you about the first time I photographed people as "clients" (I say that in quotes because even though they really were clients and are using my images, I did not get paid). 

One of my assignments was to photograph musicians with their instruments. We needed one group shot, head shot, and one of what ever we please. I asked friends if anyone would be willing to do this and one of my friends said yes and he invited another friend. 

So what did I learn at this shoot?


Yes I did not check to make sure I was shooting raw.This was bad because I also did not bring my reflectors (or fill cards). By the time we arrived to their campus to shoot, the sun was high and I had to deal with shadows. 

Now I have quite a bit of post work to do. 

So always carry your reflectors and quadruple check your camera settings.

Here's a snippet of the shoot.
**Remember these are unedited**

{La Petite Sirène}

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