Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prom Pictures!

Yesterday I photographed a friend and her girlfriend for prom. We did the shoot by the museum in downtown and even though there was little sun left because they were over an hour late, they still turned out pretty well. 

Things I learned at this shoot are [1] I need to be checking my images more often, [2] I need to play with the aperture more (I tend to stick to shallow depths of field) and [3] I'm getting better at interacting with the people I'm photographing. I was able to relax and make them relax a heck of a lot faster than at my first photo shoot (the musicians one, did I tell you guys about that one? I'll have to check)

Yes it was fun and a good learning experience, most of all I have more work to add to my portfolio. Below is a sneak peak at some photos I took. I'm in the process of editing them now. Toodles.

{La Petite Sirène}

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